Threads And Motifs Velvet Shalwar Kamiz Dresses New Fashion Winter Collection 2014 For Girls-Ladies



This Years of relentless, and not a continuation of this legend has appeared in many changes in the Indian fashion industry for an Indian woman put her attire an indelible mark on the road. Velvet-style bloomers have been adopted in many alternate materials, designs and cuttings and accessories. The phrase "style bloomers" has been born out of the marriage word "salwar" and "kameez" between. "Salwar" refers to a tension in the pants, such as the purpose of the ankle, but a loose fit, or in the "kameez" refers to a type of tunic is a loose fit with wear "salwar . "

It is considered one of the women wearing traditional about South Asia, but also the Central Asian countries, including India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, even velvet style bloomers mainly wear men's clothing, as well as belonging to the Punjab and the Muslim community. Men from other communities also wear velvet style bloomers as a sign of their traditional costume, and during festivals or occasions, such as marriage, etc. Most wear








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